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Tom - Web Designer

Co-Owner of Arlo Marketing, Tom suggested the idea of helping businesses create brand specific spaces online, driven by a frustration of constant poor websites and having experience in designing UI/UX, Tom has started helping businesses around the south-west solidify their brands online.

Tom spends a lot of time servicing our remote clients, building websites and E-Commerce platforms for businesses, he also helps out with social media marketing, visiting shoots and helping clients build their creative vision.

Chloe - Social Media Manager

Co-Owner of Arlo Marketing, Chloe has experience managing large social media accounts and has a passion for creativity and story driven content. She’s the smile and face of our business, and does all our communications and client outreach.

Chloe is responsible for handling all our clients’ social medias, she loves meeting people, learning about their business and creating content that resonates with new and current audiences. 

Peggy Sue - Office Pup

Peggy Sues aka Peggy Snooze, is our oldest employee, she’s 84 in dog years! She’s responsible for cleaning up tea, any dropped food and barking when we’re not hitting our KPI’s. 

She’s considering retirement, but she’s not quite ready to give up office life just yet.

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about us & how we started

Starting In 2023, with a love for social media and web development we decided to use our skills to help build small businesses on the web. Based In Devon we love working with local businesses and hearing their stories. Co-founders Tom & Chloe work closely alongside businesses to bring their visions to life, we really pride ourselves putting people’s ideas and visions into reality.

where we are & where we're going

We’re currently working with a variety of small businesses in Devon & Somerset. We aim to bring a young and fresh perspective to brands with their space online, we are passionate about people who love their work and are looking to break the mould with new and upcoming ideas and products. We’re interested in working with brands who are launching new and exciting products, helping you bring them to life. Does this sound like you?

based in Devon
but we work with brands


We’re located in Devon, we’re very proud of our seaside heritage. Being able to work with businesses in Devon is a real treat for us, we get to meet great people with different visions and brands. Our work with Devon businesses are all face to face which brings a great relationship between us and our clients. This extends to our clients outside of Devon, we will travel to see your business and understand the work you’re trying to accomplish.

where else do we work?

We work with brands all over the south-west currently, how ever we don’t limit ourselves to one area. We’ve worked with businesses over 5000 miles from our home. We offer remote and in-person services all across the United Kingdom. Get in touch with us today.

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