Devon’s Aurora Borealis, Did You Get To See Our Northern Lights?

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The Aurora Borealis In Devon

On May 10th a once in a lifetime spectacle appeared around all the United Kingdom and was seen as far as America 6000 miles away – The Aurora Borealis. Normally only seen in places like Iceland we were all very lucky to have it over our heads right here in Devon.

Instagram was filled with dazzling pictures of a unique phenomenon that hasn’t happened in a long time! A solar storm caused an eruption of unique colors to appear right above our heads.

For those that missed it there are loads of amazing pictures online you can see of people’s experiences and their capture of the event.

How Often Can We See This?

It’s common to see them in more northern parts of the UK like Scotland and Shetland, but the southern part of the UK rarely gets to see them at such strong magnitude and of colour.

Usually, there are more magnetic storms around the equinoxes (March-April, September-October).

If you’re looking to keep updated on when the next one will be, you can download the Aurora Watch App which will show you solar activity and alert you when there’s a strong chance of sighting one.  You can view and download the app here

Were You Lucky Enough To See Them?

If you or your business were lucky enough to see them this weekend then post them online and give us a tag we’d love to see all the amazing pictures everyone took, we’re keen photographers here and we love creating Instagram posts so it’s great to see everyone getting their cameras out and capturing this once in a lifetime event.