Do Trending Audios Work On Instagram?

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What Is A Trending Audio?

An audio on Instagram is a song or small piece of audio you can use on your own reels to create new and unique content. It’s a great way for new artists to be discovered and for content creators to get to use amazing music for their audience!

Trending audios are just the most popular ones of that time, if an audio has been used a considerable amount of time it will gain the tag “Trending” and then be used by more and more people. A lot of social media experts or online influencers will suggest that using trending audios is the key to gaining lots of reel views online.

Do Trending Audios Boost Your Reel Views?

Using trending audios is a common tactic to try and get more views from the algorithm, and it definitely does play a part. If you click on an audio on Instagram it will show you that audio, how many plays it’s got, whether it’s trending and some of the top performing content for that reel, and you could get your content there too! 

However it is to be said, most reels on Instagram are discovered via the “For You” section and via the home page. These views will make up a very insignificant amount of your total view count but it’s definitely not to be ignored. Remember it’s always important to consider the context of your video and whether or not it fits the trending audio, you’re much better finding an audio that fits your video rather than slapping the newest trending audio on top of your work.

How Do I Increases My Instagram Views?

The algorithm is always labelled as something mysterious and secretive but in actual fact, with most algorithms they’re based solely on engagement and watch time. It’s easy to discover this yourself, put a 20 second of a blank wall up and view the engagement,  do the same with an interesting cinematic video and compare the results.

There is no secret sauce to going viral, there is no special hashtag, secret audio or magical editing app that Instagram prioritizes it all boils down to one major thing.  

Your content will always dictate viewership, amazing content will engage more people. Instagram and every other platform will recognize this and show it to everyone else. It’s really that simple and always has been, all these online platforms want you to be watching as many videos as possible, so they’re going to recommend the best. Create the best.

How Do I Create The Best?

Hire the professionals! If you’re unsure or not confident you can create the best content then you can always delegate that work to a business or an agency with experiencing in creating great content that converts. 

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