Should I Hire A Social Media Manager For My Small Business?

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What Is A Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is a digital strategist responsible for crafting and executing a brand’s online presence across various social media platforms. They curate content, engage with the audience, and monitor trends to ensure the brand maintains a relevant and appealing presence. Their role encompasses everything from developing content calendars and creating compelling posts to analyzing performance metrics and adjusting strategies accordingly. They often act as the voice of the brand, navigating  a loyal community of followers while staying above evolving platform algorithms and best practices. In essence, they are the orchestrators behind a brand’s online persona, blending creativity, analytics, and communication skills to drive engagement and achieve marketing objectives.

Why Would My Business Need A Social Media Manager?

As a business, your main priority should be focusing on your clients. Your customers are at the forefront of your business success. However, many business owners spend their time managing their own social media, potentially posting and interacting with no strategy, which could lead to minimal growth and engagement on your social media platforms. You may consider this time wasted, especially if you’re not seeing returns.

Hiring a Social Media Manager can allow you to leverage your time and focus on catering to your existing clients and audience, while your Social Media Manager helps foster new relationships and brand growth for your business online.

What Characteristics Should A Social Media Manager Have?

Each Social Media Manager has their own unique role, but it’s important to look out for key characteristics that highlight a good quality SMM.

Strategy: Your SMM should have a strategic plan in place for your business and its unique challenges and hurdles. It’s important to define key points like your target audience, metrics, goals, and definitions of success and failure. Managing social media without a strategy or plan can significantly delay the potential growth of your platforms. The ability to re-analyze strategy and redefine metrics and goals is crucial; the initial strategy may not always be the best one, but the ability to adapt is paramount.

Availability: It’s essential to have an SMM who is readily available, as consistency is key in managing social media. Being able to interact and engage with people quickly helps build stronger bonds between the business and its clients.

Great Communication: Your SMM won’t know everything about your business initially, so there will be a lot of conversation required. When they’re representing your business and its brand, effective communication is incredibly important. Having someone readily available to communicate with you is vital to ensure they understand how to represent your business accurately. Communication works both ways, so it’s crucial to spend time educating your SMM on the details of your business and services so they can convey that accurately to your audience.

Experience: Every great SMM has experience managing multiple or larger clients. It’s important to review portfolios and previous work to understand the results and workflow of the SMM.

How Much Is A Social Media Manager?

There is a huge range in prices. A good, experienced social media manager will typically charge between £500 and £1000 per month. There are less experienced managers who may charge as low as £250 per month, but it’s important to expect varied results when committing to a less experienced manager in order to save money, as it could potentially cost you more in the long run!

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